The Cypriot Centre

The History

The Centre was first established in 1979 by 12 founder organisations, comprising of the main Cypriot organisations (both Greek and Turkish) of Haringey. There are now 15 affiliated organisations in total. Many other non-affiliated organisations, local authorities, health services, statutory and non-statutory agencies also use the Centres services and facilities.

What We Do

  • 欧美在线亚洲 provides a base where the Cypriot community can maintain and develop its own identity. 
  • Provide a bridge of communication between all sections and religious denominations with the Cypriot community – Greek, Turkish, Maronite, Armenian, Latin, Mixed Marriages and also other communities.
  • Strengthen the links amongst all generations of the family unit of the Cypriot community.
  • Develop appropriate services, activities and facilities in the Centre and also provide access to services for the Cypriot community and also for anyone else who feels they can benefit from them.


All areas of the Cypriot Centre and ancillary buildings are fully wheelchair accessible, including the lift and WCs, and conform to Health & Safety and Fire Regulation standards.

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